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Rate Design for Electricity Distributors (EB-2012-0410)

As part of the Renewed Regulatory Framework in Electricity, the Board indicated that the revenue decoupling consultation would move forward.

The Board believes that distributors should have a rate design that provides greater stability for the consumer and sends a price signal to consumers that links use to cost drivers.  An appropriate rate design will link the consumer’s use to distributor planning and provide the revenue stream that will allow the distributor to make necessary investments.

This initiative builds on extensive work and consultations previously undertaken by the Board.





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Jul 8-14

The following parties have provided written comments in the above matter.

Jun 3-14

The Board has posted staff notes from meetings with stakeholders on the Draft Report of the Board.

May 1-14

In order to accommodate meetings with stakeholders, the Board has revised the deadline for written comments on the Draft Report of the Board on Rate Design for Electricity Distributors (EB-2012-0410) to June 6, 2014.  The procedures for filing are described in the letter of April 3, 2014.

Apr 3-14

The Board issued the Draft Report of the Board on Rate Design for Electricity Distributors.

Nov 26-12

The Board issued a letter announcing a new consultation project to complete the work on Revenue Decoupling for Distributors.




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May 29-14

The Board has issued its Decision on Cost Eligibility in the above matter.

Apr 24-14

The following parties have requested cost eligibility in the above matter.



For more information, please contact or at 416-440-7628. The Board’s toll-free number is 1-888-632-6273. The Board's Industry Relations Enquiry email is






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