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Take a Closer Look at Electricity Rates
Ontarians can now see how their electricity bills compare with other jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.

As an independent regulator and consumer protector, the Ontario Energy Board provides consumers with reliable and accurate information to help better understand their energy bills.

The Ontario Energy Board has posted four rate charts on our website comparing Ontario’s November 1, 2016 electricity rates with Canadian and U.S. locations. The data is based on total estimated bill amounts for residential and small business consumers, before taxes to allow for comparability across jurisdictions. The data about other Canadian and US jurisdictions comes from Hydro Quebec and from the US Energy Information Administration.

This year’s comparison is for residential and small business customers only. In subsequent years we plan to expand to cover larger business customers as well.

Key Findings of the comparison tables:

We’re Helping to Relieve the Pressure for Low-Income Ontarians
We understand and are sensitive to the concerns that consumers have about their electricity rates.

For those facing financial difficulty, we’ve enacted special rules utilities must follow when dealing with customers with limited finances, including waiving security deposits and allowing longer payment periods.

The OEB has also designed and delivered programs and initiatives that help the most vulnerable customers.