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News Releases in 2016

Listed below are News Releases for 2016. For previous years, visit the News Release Archive.

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News Release

Oct 19-2016 The OEB announced there will be no change to electricity prices for households and small businesses this winter.
Sep 30-2016 The Ontario Energy Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Donald Dewees to the Market Surveillance Panel.
Aug 17-2016 The OEB posted data reported by all licensed electricity distributors in Ontario pertaining to residential customer accounts in arrears.
May 13-2016 The OEB announced today that Christine Long has been appointed as the OEB’s second Vice-Chair. As well, Allison Duff has been appointed as a full-time Board member and Cathy Spoel’s term as a part-time Board member has been renewed.
Apr 14-2016 The OEB sets new summer electricity prices for households and small businesses starting May 1.
Jan 27-2016 The OEB is alerting Ontarians to a possible telephone scam. The OEB has received reports that individuals, claiming to be affiliated with the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP), were calling to request access into consumers’ homes. In two incidents last week, residents were contacted about the OESP, and notified that a home inspection was a condition of the program.


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