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News Releases in 2017

Listed below are News Releases for 2017. For previous years, visit the News Release Archive.

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News Release

Feb 23-2017 The OEB has issued a Decision and Order amending the licences of all Ontario electricity distributors to ban the disconnection of residential consumers for the period through April 30, 2017, and to require that disconnected homes be reconnected as soon as possible at no charge. This Decision and Order follows the passage of the Protecting Vulnerable Energy Consumers Act, 2017 by the Ontario Legislature on February 22, 2017.
Jan 31-2017 Tough new rules to better protect households and small businesses in their dealings with energy retailers came into effect on January 1, 2017.
Jan 12-2017 To protect Ontario’s energy consumers and help ensure utilities are giving consumers every opportunity to avoid disconnection, the OEB has issued a letter to electricity distributors reminding them of the rules that they must follow regarding disconnecting and reconnecting a service.


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