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  1. Monitor an oral hearing through the OEB's website.  Look at the OEB's regulatory calendar for the days that hearings are scheduled and follow the instructions on the page to listen to the hearing.
  2. Follow a Proceeding.  You can sign up to receive documents issued by the Board in a particular proceeding.
  3. Write a letter of comment to give the Board your opinion on the application. A complete copy of your letter, including your name and contact information, will be provided to the Board members deciding the proceeding.

    All letters of comment sent to the Board are placed on the public record. This means the letters can be seen at our offices and will be placed on our website. Before the letter of comment is placed on the public record, all personal (i.e. not business) contact information is removed, such as the individual’s address, fax and phone numbers, and email address. The individual’s name and the content of the letter will become part of the public record. 

    View a list of current rate applications before the Board.
  4. If you want to actively participate in the hearing, you can become an intervenor.  Everything an intervenor files with the Board, including the intervenor's name and contact information, will be placed on the public record. This means that all filings can be seen at our offices and will be placed on our website. 


icon_participateTo find out more about these options, visit the Participating in a Hearing webpage.

icon_gavelTo find out more about the hearing process, visit the Understanding the Adjudication Process webpage. 







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