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About the OEB

The Ontario Energy Board oversees the energy sector in Ontario. We make sure electricity and natural gas companies follow the rules. Our objective is to promote a viable, sustainable and efficient energy sector that serves the public interest and assists consumers to obtain reliable energy services that are cost effective. We are an impartial public agency.


What We Do

  • We license and oversee energy companies including utilities, generators and companies that offer energy under contracts (also called gas marketers and electricity retailers). (Note: this links to our industry website)
  • We create codes, rules and guidelines for companies we license and rate regulate to follow (Note: this links to our industry website)
  • We approve the rates that utilities can charge their customers for:
  • We approve new construction of, or changes to existing, natural gas pipelines and storage facilities, and electricity transmission lines that are more than 2 kilometers long
  • We approve changes to the corporate structure of certain companies we licence (for example a merger between two electricity utilities)
  • We create and make changes to regulatory energy policies
  • We supply information and tools to help consumers make informed choices about energy matters. Read more about our presentations to community groups and events

Our work is carried out through public hearings, working groups and consultations. We review and process hundreds of applications in a year.

Our office is in Toronto. We recover most of our operating costs from electricity and natural gas companies that we regulate.





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