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How We Protect Consumers

As the regulator, our job is to make sure electricity and natural gas companies in Ontario follow the laws and rules. We carry out this consumer protection role in a number of ways. We:

  • monitor and inspect the companies we license and rate regulate (e.g. utilities, companies that sell energy under contract, etc.)
  • help consumers work through issues they’re having with energy companies
  • investigate alleged violations
  • take enforcement action if a company breaks the rules


If we determine that a company has broken a law or rule, we can take enforcement action such as charging a penalty/fine and suspending or taking away the company’s licence. The steps for doing this are set out in legislation and the company is given a chance to present its side of the story before we make our final decision.


Companies that sell energy under contract in Ontario must be licensed by the OEB. However, we do not regulate the prices offered by these companies.

They also have to obey the laws and rules that protect consumers from unfair or misleading business practices. Read our rules about conduct for companies that sell energy under contract:

The Energy Consumer Protection Act, 2010 (ECPA), contains many of the rules that companies have to follow when they offer energy under contract to households and small businesses. On June 1, 2015, the OEB released a report assessing how well the ECPA has worked since 2011 to protect the interests of residential and small business consumers in their dealings with energy retailers. Learn more (Note: this links to our industry website)...


More Information

Use the OEB online bill calculator to get a monthly bill estimate for electricity or natural gas, whether you’ve signed an energy contract or buy directly from your local utility.

Your Electricity Utility - Bill Calculator Your Natural Gas Utility - Bill Calculator

Electricity Distributor Performance Reporting / Distributor Scorecards
The OEB measures how well Ontario's electricity distributors are performing each year. Performance reporting is designed to encourage electricity utilities to operate effectively, continually seek ways to improve productivity and focus on improvements that their customers value.

Electricity Distributor Performance



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